My research develops in the analysis and comparison of two opposites: that which belongs to the world of ‘roots’, of the myth and the archetype on one side, and on the other side, the phenomena of the superstructure of the modern era.
Materials for my investigation are the signs which man dumps leaves on the landscape and over time, such as architecture, the instruments of work, objects which express man’s relationship with the time in which he lives, in the civilization of the past and that of today; but also classic literature, the myth, the philosophy, which construct the story in which to re-contextualize the elements. When they belong to different eras, I often enjoy overlapping them, removing them from their context and playing one against the other, like pieces of flint, to smash that which refuses access to their vital core, and activate their symbolic force. Photography helps me in reconnecting physical reality with metaphysical spaces which interweave with the deepest places of human identity, where silence, more than any description, is the path which brings us closer to touching that which surrounds us. In this ‘merging space’, where the past and present overlap, there also occurs the possibility of constructing a channel between the two temporalities, between the space where the roots embed, and the rush of the contemporary world, so that one may nourish the other, so that it is possible to more knowingly observe what shapes current behaviours, and in which direction.