cattedrali rurali

Cattedrali Rurali (Fortunato D’Amico)

Marco Maria Zanin is a photographer who is aware of the new vibrational dimension of the planet. His commitment for the safeguarding of rural land and for a society which integrates into its ethical values the relationship between man and nature as a basic measuring tool in order to stabilise balanced parameters for future cultivation/construction, is definitely one of the elements which helps to understand his photographic work over the last years. In this exhibition his delicate gaze, a constant element of all the images he presents, brushes against the elements of nature and artifice, suggesting imperceptible charms and unusual universes, with respect to that which we see and feel on a daily basis. Shattered ruins of buildings assume anthropomorphic forms, proudly reaching up to the skies and proclaiming the history of their existence, demonstrating the process of continual contamination with their surroundings, indicating to man a path towards a respectful approach to time: time which records traces of its passing on material things and all that it meets on its journey.

Languages to read in the silence of the mists and to listen to in the mind, giving evidence of the true essence of life, showing the effects of the generating force which flows out from the countryside around us.
In Marco Maria Zanin’s exhibition, the Pianura Padana, symbol of poisoning and wild industrialisation, presents itself as a vast soul, given the task of revealing a philosophy which flatters and tempts the hopes of those, who in these years of depravation and defacement and disfiguration, have dreamed of the return of nature, reigning over industry. The mists restore a candid interior, necessary suggestion for a revision of our structural existence. The poetry within ploughing, elaborated by the farmers in the marks left in the land itself, brings man closer to the earth, showing him that both are eternally linked to the same destiny.

Zanin’s visual representation will help us, also in the coming seasons, to understand and to consider our responsibilities.